#BERLIN 2033 – Ideas of tomorrow

After 3 months of hard work, endless research, a lot of sweat, passion and above all ambition, the students of the ArtCenter College of Design have shown us how they imagine the future – Berlin2033. Inspired by their experiences in and impressions of Berlin, they amazed everyone present – whether an implanted chip that ensures that feelings are always redirected into a positive direction and to connect with people of the same mind, a robot that has intelligent sensors and thus provides inner-city areas with the necessary care to always remain green and fresh, or even an organ farm that “plays God” and can breed each organ individually for each person on the basis of a DNA test.

With their ideas, animated on our 270-degree screen, they actually took us for a moment into the future. And also Bruce Sterling, who welcomed the students 3 months ago to the beginning of the posthumanism project in Berlin, was very enthusiastic about it. And when would you ever get a chance to receive a feedback of a guy like him?!

Thank you all very much for a unique and exciting evening and congratulations to all students who have done an incredible job. And above all, we are curious to see which idea will actually come our way in the future. Berlin 2033 – Future in 15 years.


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